A MAPS Podcast Bit of Hate Mail

I’ve been waiting for this email to come. I admit it’s an ego trip to bring it out into the public like this however, this is the first and last time I want to address it.


I think you are a good podcaster. You’re a good interviewer and actually listen to your guests which is nice to see. I’m stuck on another issue – how could you possibly host the MAPS podcast with a good conscience? Rick Doblin spent years publicly shaming your father and turning him into psychedelic research enemy number one. It was blatant, often and ultimately seemed political. MAPS early years were built off of the trash Timothy Leary trip.

Are you that hungry for fame and notoriety that you’re willing to ignore these facts? MAPS is the biggest brand name in psychedelics and no doubt hosting the podcast is good for your career. Just seems obvious and cowardly to me. Stand up for your dad and don’t fall into the trap of mainstreaming psychedelic pandering.

I do admit, I enjoy listening to your interviews, I just sometimes wish it were someone else doing it.


Complicated topic for me. First, yes I admit doing the podcast was a good opportunity for me. I’m not naive in that. The history is much more complex from my perspective, I want to start by saying that I personally like Rick and what MAPS is doing.

I do vaguely recall the days when Timothy was alive and interacting with MAPS/Rick and I do recall Tim being pretty prickly and lovingly difficult. As he often was. That was part of his charm. It’s not like he was trying to make friends with Rick. Subsequently, I think Rick admired Timothy a great deal but was also frustrated that his already existing persona was getting in the way of the MAPS agenda and they were at a crossroads. What happens next is not for me to comment on simply because I’m not an expert.

Cut to 2016 and even before the MAPS podcast, I found myself in the middle of the new wave of psychedelic research simply because of my last name. It was booming while also creating a cultural explosion of love, curiosity and open minded dialogues. I was being invited to more psychedelic salons, podcasts and whatever else seemed appropriate to have a Leary a part of it. Turned out that I also had my own perspective to share that was very different than Timothy’s and I started to feel a certain sense of pride in being able to articulate a narrative separate from Timothy’s.

I’m a pragmatist in that I was also very impressed with the success that MAPS was responsible for. I have no problems with going to the inside of the devils playground (ie, the Pentagon) or taking money from all sides of the political spectrum – these things do not bother me. I don’t believe that keeping this culture as an underground, secret society is helpful for anyone in the long run. Because of all of this, it made sense for me to host the MAPS podcast. I’ve spent time with Rick in recent years and his stance on Timothy has softened and our dialogue is healthy, honest and vibrant. Rick would be the first to have a public discussion with me on Timothys work if the need were ever to arise. The point being – no one is avoiding it. I believe in the MAPS vision and the even larger psychedelic movements new warm waters. If you listen to the podcast you’ll see that I have no talking points given to me and no editor. I talk about Timothy, my own work, the people who have influenced me and the research that I find most interesting. MAPS has been generous enough to give me a platform that is based off of mutual respect. If any of my listeners feel that I need to specifically address the Timothy situation on the podcast, I’ll be more than happy to do so. I just don’t think there is a need. I’m more saddened by the Pollan book stance on Timothy and that I didn’t properly address it in that podcast.

We’re all doing the best we can and I’m feeling good about where I am and how I can help this bigger movement. I never ever wanted to be so close to psychedelics as a movement, it always seemed to close to the Sun. But we all change, adapt and evolve. Timothy wasn’t perfect, neither is Rick and neither am I.

Zach Leary, March 22, 2019

It's All Happening Podcast

IAH – Episode 132 – Dr. Dan Siegel

The cosmic genius of the mind, Dr. Dan Siegel, returns to the It’s All Happening podcast! Dan’s new book Aware: The Science and Practice of Presence sparks a discussion that weaves together spiritual awareness, the constructs of the human condition and the inherent nature of the mind. Dan has done decades of work into studying the nature of our inter-personal relationship with the mind and how it can be understood resulting in methods for living a better life. Dan is the rare voice who can blend science and spirituality together to form an awe inspiring yet pragmatic daily practice and philosophical approach to our place in the universe.

Intro rant – The Green New Deal (extra long)

Order your copy of Aware: The Science and Practice of Presence today!








Dr. Dan Siegel

Daniel J. Siegel, MD is a contemporary psychiatrist and writer who specializes in interpersonal neurobiology and coined the term mindsight.

Daniel J. Siegel was born September 2, 1957. He attended the University of Southern California as an undergraduate, and received his medical degree from Harvard Medical School in 1983. He completed his residency at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), in the departments of psychiatry, pediatrics, and neuropsychiatry.

Since 1997, Siegel has taught clinical psychiatry at UCLA. In 1999, he established the Center for Human Development and Mindsight Institute. He is also a founding member and codirector of the Mindful Awareness Research Center, medical director of the Lifespan Learning Institute, and the founding editor of the Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology.

Siegel’s 2001 book, The Developing Mind: How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are, illustrates the importance of self-awareness and explores how a person is shaped by both nature and nurture. In 2009, he emphasized the significance of examining the self through one’s thought processes with Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation.


James Reese









It's All Happening Podcast

IAH – Episode 131 – Roger McNamee

It’s All Happening returns to the airwaves with one of the most important and culturally relevant discussions of today. Roger McNamee, Silicon Valley legend and author of the new book Zucked – Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe takes us through the monumental problem that social media is presenting in today’s culture. Never before has such an influential insider taken a step back to rethink the technology and become a whistle blower of the methods that these platforms inflict upon us daily. Zucked must be read and each one of us must honestly take on this problem as best we can. This is one of the most important topics ever covered on this podcast. I’m so grateful for Roger to take the time out and come to do this podcast in person, was such a joy!

Intro rant – My take on social medias journey into troubling waters.

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Roger McNamee began his career in 1982 at T. Rowe Price Associates, where he managed the top performing Science & Technology Fund and co-managed the New Horizons Fund. In 1991, he launched Integral Capital Partners, the first crossover fund (combining later stage venture capital with public market investments), in partnership with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Morgan Stanley & Co. In 1999, Roger co-founded Silver Lake Partners, the first private equity fund focused on technology businesses. In 2004, Roger and his partners launched Elevation Partners, an investment partnership focused on the intersection of media and technology.

Since April 2017, Roger has been engaged, along with former Google design ethicist Tristan Harris and others, in a campaign to trigger a national conversation about the dark side of social media. Roger’s book about that experience, Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe, was published in February 2019.














It's All Happening Podcast

IAH – Episode 130 – Dave Stringer

The first It’s All Happening podcast of 2019 launches with the explosively brilliant Dave Stringer. Our conversation took form around the connection between consciousness expansion and mantra music (kirtan). Dave went deep as he explain how the various methods for self inquiry all share similarities in how they shift our awareness of the self’s relationship to universal consciousness. And that’s just scratching the surface. Dave is one of the most thoughtful practitioners of eastern mysticism in the west and also one of the finest musicians in the genre. Enjoy!

Intro rant – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her sudden and important impact on the American political scene

Dave Stringer is a Grammy™-nominated record producer and composer who has been widely profiled as one of the most innovative artists of the modern Yoga movement. He’s both an inspiring singer and a captivating public speaker, resolving neuroscience, yoga philosophy and music into a participatory theatrical experience. Stringer’s sound invokes the transcendent mysticism of traditional Indian instruments with the exuberant, groove-oriented sensibility of American gospel and the ringing harmonies of Appalachia. He is featured in the upcoming documentary films Mantra: Sounds Into Silence and The Power of Mantra and has toured extensively, leading concerts, workshops and retreats all over the world.

For music, tour dates and more visit















Blog - God Journeys

Private Guided Journeys

Unlocking the pathways to your most authentic self can be tricky. We are filled with programming that’s created obstacles that make us stuck in situations and feelings we just can’t seem to shake. Jobs we hate, relationships that don’t bring us joy, physical states of being that are toxic and an overall world view that doesn’t revolve around happiness – these are all symptoms of “stuckness”.

Working with me in the context of one on one guided psychedelic journeys don’t guarantee that you will break free from all of this paradigms overnight but I do promise that you will be given a perspective shift that will put the ball in your court. Psychedelic windows offer a a glimpse of being truly free to be an integrated part of the universe.

Email me to learn more.

These sessions are:

  • Private and intimate
  • Safe
  • Set and Setting is near ideal
  • Life Enhancing
  • Totally flexible

My decades of psychedelic experience and expertise in traversing this landscape are solid foundations in which you can feel secure in making this healing step!
















The MAPS Podcast

MAPS Podcast – Episode 34 with Tricia Eastman

Episode 34 of the MAPS Podcast is an all new interview with Tricia Eastman, a pioneer in the psychedelic renaissance. Our conversation takes a look at the inquisitive psychedelic work she does in the deep corners of what’s left of the worlds indigenous cultures. Because her work covers the globe I especially wanted to see what wisdom she brings back is applicable to the American experience. Her tales of mind expanding explorations in these cultures is a beautiful juxtaposition against the life we take for granted. Tricia is a fresh yet wise voice in the psychedelic community. I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did.

Intro topics: End of the year podcast with Rick Doblin, advertising on the MAPS podcast and psychedelic therapy career tracts.

Tricia Eastman

Tricia is a pioneer in the psychedelic renaissance. Eastman’s holistic approach incorporates eastern philosophy, bio-hacking, soul retrieval, archetypal mapping, meditation, somatic therapy, shamanism. As a medicine woman, she curates retreats in countries where use is legal working 5-MeO-DMT, from the Sonoran Desert Toad and Iboga. She has been initiated into Bwiti traditions of Mboumba Eyano and trained in the Missoko, as well as facilitated the psychospiritual iboga program for Crossroads Treatment Center in Mexico.













It's All Happening Podcast

IAH – Episode 129 – David Seidler

Oscar winning screenwriter David Seidler takes us through the multi faceted brilliance and inner workings of his mind! Yes, David won an Oscar for his film, The Kings Speech, but to say that it’s not the most interesting thing he’s ever done may in fact be true. In his 81 years, David has led ten lives that resemble a fantastical odyssey of international wonder, intrigue, mystery all while dancing with the stars! Our conversation went exactly where it was supposed to go as it traversed his current work, Hollywood, the current state of culture and the craft of writing. My only regret is that it wasn’t longer. To me, David is the quintessential example of where the arts meets the humanities!

Intro rant – The nature of change in the form of material possessions

David Seidler

A Londoner by birth, David was sent to the USA as an infant during WWII which resulted in a childhood stammer. George VI, the stuttering reluctant King, became a boyhood hero, role model, and many years later the inspiration for his film The King’s Speech staring Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter, and Guy Pearce, which won the Best Picture Oscar for 2010 and for which David was awarded the golden man for Best Original Screenplay, two BAFTA’s and numerous other gongs. His stage version has toured England, played the West End, and been produced so far in eight foreign languages. He no longer stutters.

Seidler’s career commenced with writing dubbing scripts for Godzilla The Monster movies. He has over twenty credits to his name including: Tucker, The Man and His Dream starring Jeff Bridges, directed by Francis Coppola. Nominated for Writing Achievement by the WGA three times (winning for Onassis, The Richest Man In The World). David has also written three animated features, including Quest for Camelot. He is currently working on a Miles Davis project, So What, for Denzel Washington to direct.

David has lectured in Milan, Rome, Porto, A.F.I. Los Angeles, Sundance, Dreamago Institute in Switzerland, and Laboratorio Novas Historias in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He lived for several years in Fiji, where he was Political Advisor to Chief Minister Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara. He also resided in New Zealand for eight years and returns to Godzone yearly to educate the trout and torment his son Manu who is a senior video editor at TVNZ. His daughter, Maya, is a documentary producer in NYC.












It's All Happening Podcast

IAH – Episode 128 – Visvambhar ‘Vish’ Sheth

Recorded in the midst of the swirling love-verse that is BhaktiFest, Vish graces the podcast with his wisdom, heart and humor. Visvambhar or “Vish” as he is affectionately known uses kirtan as his vehicle for delivering knowledge on how to incorporate practical devotion into your daily life. Our conversation covered his unique take on Bhakti Yoga, growing up in ISKCON, the many different philosophical paths, daily practice and the joy of kirtan. I’ve known Vish for a few years now and to see him rise to become not just a magnificent kirtan wallah but also a wisdom leader is remarkable. Listen with love!

Intro rant – The elections, fires and what we can do

Please support the Mayapuris fundraising drive for their new album – 9islands – CLICK HERE

Visvambhar ‘Vish’ Sheth

Visvambhar ‘Vish’ Sheth is the lead singer of the internationally acclaimed group ‘The Mayapuris’, a headlining Kirtan group that has rocked stages from India to Florida, Australia to South Africa. Starting at the age of 5, Vish has spent his life leading Kirtans in the ISKCON (Vaisnava) tradition. He is a multi-instrumentalist, and a master of the Mridanga drum and performs in traditional as well as fusion styles. Vish started performing in the modern yoga studio culture 2007, and since then he has performed at countless studio gatherings and well known spiritual venues like Bhaktifest, Omega Institute, Wanderlust, Beloved Festival, Floyd Festival, and many others. In addition to being a master percussionist, Vish also plays many instruments – harmonium, bamboo flute, guitar, sitar, and bass. Vish is an in-demand sideman as well, and has toured with Kirtan pioneer Jai Uttal and is also a performing and recording artist with the renowned world-beat ensemble, The Hanumen. Vish has not only mastered his art but has a rare capacity to invoke the ‘rasa’ or the essence of the transcendental energies that define the Kirtan path.